Golight 7901GT Radioray Halogen Wireless Hand-Held Remote Magnetic Mount Shoe-White


  • Halogen / Portable / Wireless Handheld

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Our Story

Golight?is a privately held manufacturing company nestled in the heartland of the United States. In December of 92, the idea of the remote control spotlight was born. After many engineering drawings, tooling refinements, and prototypes, the first Golight was available for sale in the summer of 94.

High Quality Industry Standards

Since 1994, Golight has set the industry standard in remote control lighting. Our lights are in service around the world, lighting the way for everything from military vehicles in Afghanistan to snow plows in Alaska.


As the go-to for innovative, durable lighting,?Golight?designs and manufactures the highest quality products so we can stand firmly behind them. Our quality for our customers and their purchases for years to come, while reimagining the uses and applications for our products across their everyday lives.


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