Genesis Elite Seal & Peel Tonneau Cover

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Genesis Elite Seal & Peel Tonneau cover features a low-profile, premium quality twill cover that is virtually maintenance free. Cleaning is easy; just rinse with water and let dry. A patented latching and tensioning system ensures a perfect, adjustment-free fit. The luxurious twill cover conforms perfectly to the truck bed’s contours and seamlessly seals using a tongue-in-groove closure system. The Genesis Elite Seal & Peel comes pre-assembled and mounts quickly to your truck bed with no-drill, pre-marked rails and heavy-duty adjustable clamps. Seal & Peel mounting hardware and Tonneau covers are custom made to fit your truck’s specific make, model, year and bed size. Additionally, when in use, the cover helps improve the overall aerodynamics of your vehicle, thereby reducing drag and increasing fuel economy.




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