Switch Pros SP-9100 8-Switch Panel Power System With Concealed Mounting Hardware


Brand Switch-Pros
Switch Style Push Button Switch
Pump type ON-OFF
Material Polycarbonate
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Actuator Type Push Button
About this item
Dimming for lighting outputs
External trigger to activate up to 2 outputs
Battery Voltage display on app screen
Four 35A circuits and four 18A circuits
Eight user-programmable switches
Specifications for this item
Brand Name Switch-Pros
Color SP-9100 Unit
Ean 0689353883708
Material Polycarbonate
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Number of Items 1
Operation Mode ON-OFF
Part Number SP-9100



Bezel style enclosure w/concealed, back mounted hardware. Features: Eight user-programmable switches, User-selectable switch legends, RGB Backlighting provides unlimited color options, using color picker app. Daisy chain up to 3 switch panels to one power module. Programming and control via panel or smart phone, Bluetooth interface, 125A solid state power module, engine compartment rated, Automatic shutdown for overcurrent and low voltage. Programming options are: On/Off or Momentary, Ign. or Batt., Flash and Strobe functions, Low Voltage Disconnect, and Switch Memory, Plug and play installation. Switch Panel Specs: 4″L x 2″W x .375″H, Includes concealed mounting hardware for factory lock. Power Module Specs: 6″L x 3″W x .5″H (excluding connectors) Enclosure: Black Anodized aluminum, 8 Outputs, 4 rated at 35A, 4 rated at 18A, 125A maximum rating 125 degrees C to -40 degrees C, 16-pin, sealed automotive connector, wire harness w/100A fused power cable, light and ignition input wires, and eight 3′ long output wires, 11′ of communication cable between switch panel and power module. Switches can be programmed to be: On/Off or Momentary, ignition or battery powered, flash, strobe, low voltage disconnect, and memorize previous settings. There is also a programming function to adjust the brightness of backlighting and indicator LEDs.


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