Multifunctional Beach, Fitness Towel Car Seat Cover




Multifunctional towel car seat cover that is portable, easy to carry, and can be used as a towel for beach, workout, and car seat protection. It is machine-washable and bacteria-resistant, this towel is the perfect car seat protector from all sporting and fitness activities like: Yoga, Crossfit, Boxing, Surfing, Running, the Gym and more.

Package includes:

1 Towel


Terry cloth for soft, fast-absorbent use and eva foam backing for waterproof interior

Product features:

  • Super-absorbent terry cloth, designed to protect your car seat from sweat or dirt after your workouts
  • Eva foam waterproof interior that is perfect use for when you return from beach. No need to change your swimsuits, the cover will simply absorb it dry like a towel and its waterproof interior prevent your car seat from getting wet.
  • Universally designed to fit most vehicles. Intelligent design with elastic straps to hold cover in place and form a snug fit
  • Towel cover will not break, stain or stick to your seat. Odorless and durable. Cover keeps you cool while absorbing sweat!
  • Easy storage: fold or quick-stuff the cover into any space. Or it can be carried on hand to bring to beach and use it as a towel.


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